Jesus: The Unlimited Source of Healing



Jesus: Our True Hope for Healing

  Can you imagine what it must have felt like to be one of the disabled individuals who sat at the pool of Bethesda? To have all of your hope of receiving healing dependent on you outrunning another fellow hurting individual to get in the pool first. The man who laid at the pool for 38 years spent decades watching other people get ahead of him and receive what he so desperately wanted but failed to retrieve. I imagine it was frustrating and heartbreaking to watch his hope get crushed time and time again. But then in steps Jesus who just in one encounter healed and changed the man’s life forever.

Jesus is An Abundant Source

     In one encounter Jesus shows the man and the others who witnessed the transformation that he is the ultimate source of healing. Jesus is also an unlimited source of healing. His children do not have to compete with each other to experience his healing presence. Jesus also limitlessly possess and provide mercy, forgiveness, wisdom, creativity and resources. He has everything we need and he is gracious to give us what we need according to his glorious riches and his perfect will.

19 And my God will meet all your needs according
to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19 NIV

Thank you, Lord, that we do not have to place our hope for healing, restoration & redemption in a limited source like the pool of Bethesda. We do not have to compete or fight our way to gain access to you, our true source of healing. By Jesus’s sacrifice upon the cross, we can freely gain access to your healing presence. You are an abundant source who can supply healing, provision, grace and mercy to all of your children. When you supply healing and resources to some of your children, you still have abundantly more to provide to your other children as well. We don’t have to be envious or discouraged by another’s healing success. Because their success does not decrease your ability to bless us with our own God ordained success. We thank you and we love you! It’s in Jesus name that we pray Amen!

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