God’s Love is Faithful & Trustworthy

God’s Love is Faithful & Trustworthy

❣We can trust God’s love for us. His love is pure, unconditional and faithful. He loves us with an everlasting, supernatural love that defies logic and births miraculous transformations and events.❣

💕We can trust God with everything we are and everything we have. God is good. God is kind. God is love. God is merciful. He will not abuse our total surrender to him. 💕


Lord please help me to trust you with all of me and all that I have. Help me to live a life of total surrender before you. Living life according to my flesh and my intellect leaves me broken, confused, anxious, hurting and filled with regret. Help me Lord to live a life totally surrendered to your Holy Spirit. Let your Holy spirit fire consume me and all who are connected to me. I thank you and I love you and it is Jesus name that I pray Amen.

🙌Worship Declaration🙌

Glory to your name father God! There is no one like you in all the earth! No one compares to you!

– Latoya Williams🦋