You Are Already Accepted

We are a member of God’s family!


You Are Already Accepted!

         For those who may feel ostracized and alone, be encouraged for you are not alone. Some people around you may reject, misunderstand, and mistreat you. But please understand & trust that you are accepted by God.

    You belong to God and his kingdom family!

  God sees you and he is near to you especially when you are heartbroken. You do not have to strive for him to love you, for he already does. You have a heavenly father who touches down into earth and gives you divine hugs through his personal provision, presence, protection, and direction

If you desire Godly fellowship and community with others let the father know. And in his perfect timing he will bless you with the people you need in your life. He may direct you to join a church-based growth group, a local social group like a moms group, he may guide you to deepen a relationship or relationships you already have, or he may direct you to start a social group.

God is sovereign and however and whenever, he chooses to bless you relationally just know that he is always with you. He is your confidante and best friend. He never has ill intentions towards you. He knows everything about you, the good, the bad and the ugly yet he still loves you and accepts you!

As you receive God’s love for you and surrender your heart and life to him you will become more like his son Jesus and you will be more fulfilled, secure and less concerned about the rejection of others. As you keep your focus on the father and grow in him you will be so content in him that everything and everyone else will be a cherry on top.

                           🙏🏾 Prayer🙏🏾

     Thank you father God for adopting me into your kingdom family. Thank you for blessing me with the great gift of being your child. Thank you for rescuing me from the pit of darkness and bringing me into your marvelous, healing and sanctifying light. Thank you for always being with me and holding me dear to your heart. Thank you for keeping me in the palm of your hand.

    In your perfect timing, I pray that you will bless me with some Godly friends who will help strengthen my spirit man. Please help me to become a friend who will also encourage my friends to walk according to your will. Please protect me from those who desire to tempt me to live in rebellion to you and your ways. Grant me the discernment and courage to enforce boundaries or step away from those who influence me to walk the path of darkness. I thank you in advance for my Godly friends! I love you and it is in Jesus name that I pray Amen!

–       Latoya Williams 🦋

Embrace the new season God has blessed you with!

Bible verse
God is doing a New thing, perceive it and embrace what he is doing!

Embrace the new season God has blessed you with!

       Sometimes when we’ve been in a painful season it can be difficult to embrace the new season of healing and restoration that God has ushered us into. It can be scary to trust our new reality because we fear getting our hopes up will lead to greater disappointment and pain.
   We are already adjusted to the pain we experienced before and we don’t want to open ourselves up to a new onset of it. But God does not want us to be consumed  by hopelessness😔, fear😳, depression😞and anxiety😧. He does not want us to be in a constant state of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

           When God gives us beauty🦋 for our ashes he wants us to embrace, enjoy and be grateful for it!

      We have to fight the fight of faith and ask for God’s help in viewing our season with a fresh set of hopeful, light-filled& optimistic eyes. The old season and pain may have clouded our perception. But God is faithful to shine light in the darkness. God understands our hesitancy to believe we are in a new season. Thankfully God is faithful to hold our hand during our process of growing in our trust of him and what he is doing.


Father God thank you for my new season. Thank you for turning my weeping into joy. Your word says, “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy” – Psalm 126:5. Thank you for the wisdom you imparted unto me during my old season. Please help me to use the new wisdom you gave me to help others. Let the pain of the past be a tool of ministry and a weapon against the enemy’s kingdom. Please help me to perceive my new season the way you do God with joy, excitement and hopeful expectation. Help me to trust you and what you are doing more and more. I love you and I thank you and it is in Jesus name that I pray Amen!


– Latoya Williams 🦋


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God’s Love is Faithful & Trustworthy

God’s Love is Faithful & Trustworthy

❣We can trust God’s love for us. His love is pure, unconditional and faithful. He loves us with an everlasting, supernatural love that defies logic and births miraculous transformations and events.❣

💕We can trust God with everything we are and everything we have. God is good. God is kind. God is love. God is merciful. He will not abuse our total surrender to him. 💕


Lord please help me to trust you with all of me and all that I have. Help me to live a life of total surrender before you. Living life according to my flesh and my intellect leaves me broken, confused, anxious, hurting and filled with regret. Help me Lord to live a life totally surrendered to your Holy Spirit. Let your Holy spirit fire consume me and all who are connected to me. I thank you and I love you and it is Jesus name that I pray Amen.

🙌Worship Declaration🙌

Glory to your name father God! There is no one like you in all the earth! No one compares to you!

– Latoya Williams🦋